The book of Judges has been described as a book about, “despicable people doing despicable things.” In many ways thats true. The Book of Judges is full of horrible events and rampant sin; oppression, genocide, rape and the like fill its pages. So we must ask “Why is Judges in the Bible?” The answer is crucial––it is the gospel! The book of Judges shows us that the Bible is not a book full of moral lesson and positive virtues for us to follow, because unlike other religions, Christianity is not about following an example. The Bible is about our great and merciful God who continually works through and with us despite us. There is only one hero in the Bible and that is Jesus. When we read the book of Judges we are reading a historical account of God’s work to rescue his undeserving people out of their mess their sin has brought them. Judges is not an easy read and modern day readers are separated from its characters by nearly 3 millennia, but despite that gap we will find that Judges relates to us and is essential for us.