Episode 11 - Technotheology

We have an obsession with stories about robots and artificial intelligence think about movies and books like Terminator, AI, the Matrix, Transcendence and  I Robot. And if you watch/read them you’ll notice that with a few expectations, the plot of most of these stories revolves around the dangers of robots and Artificial Intelligence. Somehow the machines develop a conscious and the will to act, and for whatever reason, they decide that humans are a threat and in the case of the Matrix a resource. 

We’ve been telling these stories for a long time, and for most of that history, they have seemed like just stories. But recently, that fear seems to become a bit more imminent. 

People like Elon Musk, Noam Chomsky, and Stephen Hawking have all signed an open lettering cautioning humanity about the future of AI. Stephen Hawking has in multiple places, gone so far as to say that Artificial intelligence could end mankind.  

And all of a sudden, what seemed like a far off distant future has become now. 

What do we as Christians do with this? Is our theology prepared for AI? 


Jonny Morrison