S2:E10 – Good Trouble w/ Leonce Crump

 If you’ve been listening to the people’s theology recently, you are familiar (probably exhaustingly so) with the themes and questions we’re wrestling with: Mainly, why is the world the way that it is and, what do we do about it?

In the last few episodes we’ve interviewed and explored the lives of different people who have been startled, grieved, frustrated by these questions and thus committed to answering them. These folks come from different places and experiences but their stories share something. Each person went through a similar kind of journey to get to where they are.

It starts with a set of questions, experiences, wounds, needs which leads to an attempt to answer those questions. So we try and address those needs but what we learn is that the situation is more complicated than our question assumed and so we need to evaluate, rebuild, and do a little renovation so that we can truly get at the issues.

In this episode of The Peoples Theology we talk to someone who has both done that work and will force us to do our own work with their story. This person is, Leonce Crump former New Orleans Saint, founding pastor of Renovation Atlanta, author of the book Renovate (2016).

Jonny Morrison