Episode 7 - Of Heroes and Men

Today in the podcast we explore three questions that, whether we realize it or not, tend to shape the way we see and understand the world and our role within it. At first glance, you might be thinking these three questions are politically motivated but they aren't. These questions are bigger than that. Yes, they influence our politics but they also influence the way we think things get done in this world. 

1. Why do we choose the heroes we do? 

2. What do we want them to do for us? 

3. What do the heroes we choose say about us? 

There are two major hero stories we tend to choose between. The first, is the story of powerful and violent heroes who overcome great obstacles through greater ambition and will. The second story is one about artists and creatives who influence the world around them through ideas, content, and products. It's George Washington versus Pablo Picasso. Napoleon versus Kanye. Neither of these stories are wrong per se, but they are a bit shallow and they tend discriminate against everyone who doesn't fit into the world the same way. 

Yet, there is a third option. A third way of seeing and orienting ourselves in the world.  A way that is driven by fear but trust, isn't motivated by exaltation but humility. This third way is rarely tried, but quietly whispers an invitation to everyone. 


Explaining Life of Pablo by Michael Heal

Facing Leviathan by Mark Sayers