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Episode 7 - Of Heroes and Men

Today in the podcast we explore three questions that, whether we realize it or not, tend to shape the way we see and understand the world and our role within it. At first glance, you might be thinking these three questions are politically motivated but they aren't. These questions are bigger than that. Yes, they influence our politics but they also influence the way we think things get done in this world. 

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Episode 5 - Get The Hell Out

How do we deal with the tension between the goodness of God and the presence of hell in the Biblical narrative? For so many of us, this is one of our biggest obstacles to trusting the God of the Bible. And honestly, it makes sense but maybe, we've been missing something really important about God and the story of hell. 

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Episode 4 - Hell Bound

When we talk about God there are certain questions that, for many of us, come to mind. One of the most important questions is, is God good? It's an important question, and it exist and presses in on us for a lot of really good reasons. History bares witness to horrendous events attributed to God and that does't even include the difficult events we have to wrestle through in the Bible. Above all of this, the issue that calls God's goodness into question the quickest, is often, the question of hell. How can a good God send billions of people to a place of torment and pain forever?

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