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Episode 9 - Building Babel

We live in tension. We wake up and breathe the air tension every day and the question most of us will ask is, “what do we do in the tension?” Can we fix it? Make it better? Resolve it? These are questions we’ve been asking for all of human history. Questions that have driven our most significant culture projects. Our institutions, governments, and inventions begins with the recognition that, “all is not right” in the world but while at the same time innately believing that it can be better. We see a problem and build, dream, and experiment to solve it believing that tension can be resolved, that the world can be better. But, what happens when we overestimate our ability to solve the tension?

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Episode 8 - Stranger Days

We live in strange days. It's not hard to see because the reality can be felt in nearly every domain of life and culture, but it can be hard to name why things seem so strange. For many of us we feel it in our political climate, for others we see it in our churches and religious environments, and for others the feeling pervades our neighborhoods and workplaces. Regardless of where it comes from, we are all trying to figure out why the world is as it is and more importantly, what we should do about it. 

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